IKEA To Relaunch Iconic BILLY Bookcase In January 2024

2022-06-23 02:34:32 By : Ms. Lisa Tan

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It has been a best seller for over 40 years.

IKEA will relaunch a newer, more circular version of its iconic BILLY bookcase in January 2024.

The popular product, which has been purchased over 60 million times worldwide, will be remade using paper foil instead of veneer, feature snap fittings so it can be easily disassembled, and will come in a variety of new colourways and finishes, including black oak, dark brown oak, brown walnut, oak and birch.

It might not be available to buy now, but there's lots to look forward to. According to the Swedish flatpack company, the option to disassemble and reassemble BILLY helps to improve mobility, while also enabling customers to reduce their impact on the planet because the materials stay in use longer. The new wrapped edges will also reduce the number of plastic edge bands without compromising its stability.

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'BILLY is one of our most loved products, and it represents an important part of IKEA's history,' Jesper Samuelsson, Business Leader at Inter IKEA Group, says. 'The new wood expressions will be a great facelift, and the shift to paper foil enables more efficient material use and reduces production waste. It is a giant leap into the future for BILLY. We hope it continues to be as popular and spread joy in people's lives for many more years to come.'

The move also ties in with IKEA's sustainability push, with Jesper adding: 'The introduction of snap fittings and making it possible to disassemble and reassemble the bookcase is an important change to BILLY, that goes hand in hand with IKEA's People and Planet Positive strategy to design our products circularly from the very beginning.'

Elsewhere, IKEA is also encouraging customers who might need to replace their old BILLY bookcase by using their Buy Back scheme. All you have to do is sell back your unwanted furniture and you'll be given a voucher to spend in stores. Refreshing your interiors just got better for the planet.

The new BILLY bookcase will be available to purchase in UK stores and online from January 2024.

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